These are original bits of humor by me or as attributed.
 Copyright © 1997 Rod Carty.
Computer humor
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           Motorist's 23rd Psalm

           Driving observations


           Nicky Fordinski joke

          20 Things I Learned From The Movies



           Mark your calendars

Bible "News"

    You know how the news is noticeably biased against Christian values, and uses opportunities to downplay successes and belittle efforts? To give them some credit, I realize they don't understand much of it and so cannot report accurately. Well, I got to thinking about what this kind of reporting would be like in certain situations recorded in the Bible. For example, just imagine the environmental outcry if a saint with greater faith than the size of a mustard-seed really were to tell a mountain to move into the sea.... The best way to read these is to turn to the same passage in your Bible and read the two in parallel. Above all, have a laugh - please don't get upset at my "heresy".

                Triumphant Entry

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