Nicky Fordinski joke

    One of the Ford dealerships in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada had a character doing commercials for them who played the part of a Ukranian or similar person. His character's name was Nicki Fordinski. He used to do the normal spiel for selling the cars, and at the end he would usually have some sort of joke with himself as the stereotypical brunt of it. I usually mute commercials, but I used to listen to these ones just to hear the jokes. (A note to all you advertising gurus out there: humor sells products!) Well, I thought up this joke and mailed it to him, and sure enough he used it in one of his commercials.

Nicky: "You know, I'm a lot smarter than some people think!"
Girl:  "How did you find that out, Nicky?"
Nicky: "I had a test lately, and got an A+ on it!"
Girl:  "Wow, Nicky. That's impressive. What kind of test was it?"
Nicky: "Oh, it was a blood test!"

    I thought of this joke because my blood type is A-positive. In the years since I've tried this joke in one form or another every time I've had a blood test myself. For example, I'd tell the nurse that I got an A+ last time I had a blood test and ask her if she thought I could expect as good a grade this time. I've rarely received laughter in response. I've had a range of responses from a distracted "mmm, hmmm" from one nurse who looked to be very new on the job, to a rolling of the eyes and a correction of my misunderstanding of the blood-typing system from another.
    Sadly enough Nicky no longer does commercials for this dealership, and the girl who was his assistant/straight"man" is now the one doing them. Her style is the usual didactic harangue, and with the tone of voice she uses it's especially irritating. I suspect Nicky's humor was removed due to our society's current desire to be more completely Politically Correct.

By: Rod Carty