School Violence

Like a pack of cannibalistic wolves
They circle endlessly
Singling out the weak, the unprotected.

With vicious attacks on any discovered weakness
They tear emotional limbs from limbs
Leaving shattered egos in their wake.

Desperately wishing to fit in themselves,
Finding a feeling of belonging and safety
In joining in on the attacks of others.

Knowing that if others only knew
How weak and vulnerable you feel inside
It would be you under attack instead.

An endless, escalating cycle of violence -
Feeling hurt so hurting someone else
Hoping to ease the pain.

Above all else show no kindness
For that is seen as weakness
That brings swift merciless attack.

Some seek resolution in physical violence
Killing, rending and finally ending themselves
Following their inner demons to a place far worse.

Is there no hope?
How can I survive in this violence
Without someone to help me?

I feel so weak, so exposed
I cannot face another day
Yet I do because I have no choice but to try.

I feel so alone, so empty
There is no one to stand up for me
My friends scatter lest they too are attacked.

Turn to the Lord Jesus for help
For He alone will never leave you,
Never let you face the day alone.

He will give you strength when you feel weak,
A Friend forever.

By: Rod Carty