- This picture taken in July 1999 -

I love the view of mountains available all around Whitehorse.
A few years ago, while I was working at the Yukon College, a fellow instructor and I were talking about how we enjoyed looking at the mountains. Another instructor sat with us, a guy who grew up in the prairies where everything was flat. He listened for quite a few minutes as we traded enthusiasms, then piped up, "Oh, the mountains are all right, I guess - except they get in the way of the view!"

In the foreground of this shot is the SS Klondike, the last surviving Yukon paddlewheeler. Although it's not in the water, it is set next to the park area so as to provide that illusion. The ship was moved from drydock in the shipyard to it's present location in the 60's, right down second avenue. There are tours through this ship several times each day during the summer, and if you're at all curious, it's well worth taking in.